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Are vitamins better in pill or liquid form?

Have you been wondering whether you should take vitamins in pill form, or rather opt for getting your nutrients and minerals via liquid drops? 

With so many vitamin products available readily in-store and on online platforms, it can be a challenge to decide which option to choose – especially if you need to decide on the best route for not only yourself, but also for your whole family.

The answer is simple, really: it comes down to the body’s ability to absorb certain vitamins and what everyone is comfortable with when it comes to consumption

Although both vitamin tablets and their liquid forms for certain vitamins can provide similar dosages for those who consume them, there might be some reasons or constraints that work in favour of taking liquid drops rather than drinking tablets.

For instance: If your body doesn’t easily absorb the nutrients from your daily dose of vitamin pills, switching to liquid vitamins could assist in helping your body to absorb and digest these important nutrients faster and easier.

Also, if you hate drinking pills, liquid vitamins are an easier route to follow – you can even add them to your favourite juice, some yoghurt or smoothies to enjoy them even more. Plus, children will likely be more comfortable getting their vitamins in liquid form.

Liquid vitamins also have the benefit of being easy to adjust according to preferred or recommended doses – which makes them great for kids, adults and the elderly who all have varying nutritional needs.

Do bear in mind, some essential vitamins need to be digested slower, and a tablet or pill would be better in this scenario.

All of these aspects considered, liquid form vitamins and supplements do offer a high level of convenience, and if you or your children prefer an easier way to get extra, much-needed nutrients every day, drops could be a better consideration.

If you would love to change your daily vitamin intake to liquid alternatives, check out our vitamins today for amazing aids for healthy living. We only use natural ingredients geared toward wellness in our formulas, and all products have been carefully tested to ensure quality. 

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We would love to tell you more about our vitamin range, and how it can be a difference in your and your family’s health through regular ingestion.


How to choose high-quality vitamins and supplements

Have you ever wondered what the best benchmark is when it comes to picking high-quality vitamins and supplements?

Often, many brands make loads of marketing promises of the performance of their vitamins, adding flashy designs without delivering on the promised content.

So, how do you differentiate between the many options and choose the right ones?

It truly boils down to investigating the packaging that the vitamins you are reviewing come in.

When it comes to choosing high-quality vitamins and supplements, your key to selecting the best possible options is the list of ingredients you see on the packaging.


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